Subtle yet hearty – The revamped Vana Toomas surprises with a fresh menu.

After undergoing a modern makeover earlier 2023, café-restaurant Vana Toomas presents a revitalized menu, expertly crafted by the restaurant’s new head chef, Karl Ever.




In the autumn-winter menu, delicate, spicy, and rich flavors take center stage.

“When creating the new menu, our main focus was to offer our guests the purest Estonian flavors possible, using locally sourced ingredients, vegetables, and forest produce.

For example, our menu features a roe deer venison tartare with a delicious homemade paprika mayonnaise, as well as wild boar stew, zander, and quail,” says head chef Karl Ever, who himself joined the Vana Toomas family just a few months ago.”

Of course, customer favourites and timeless classics are also available, albeit in a slightly refreshed form.

“For example, we offer classic pork belly in a white wine and mustard sauce with roasted potatoes, accompanied by sautéed cabbage, which pair together seamlessly,” adds Ever.

The renewed Vana Toomas

Vana Toomas unveiled its fresh, updated look at the start of 2023.

In addition to refreshing the interiors, the restaurant has also embraced a more modern direction with its cuisine, all while paying homage to Estonian traditions and classics.

The updated menu options are sure to satisfy the tastes of both local diners and tourists looking to explore Estonian flavors.



With cooler weather in mind, the menu now includes dishes like saffron shrimp, where the hot broth warms you up from the inside and leaves your cheeks pleasantly flushed.

We can’t wait to have you here!

We are located right across from Town Hall, at Raekoja plats 8.

It is possible to also host gatherings and birthdays.

You have the option to reserve the entire second floor, where you can enjoy the evening privately with your group.

Vana Toomas
Vana Toomas
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