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Legend of Vana Toomas

A long time ago in Tallinn, on the beach, there lived a poor widow named Kala-Mai and her son Toomas. Mai sold fish to the local citizens, and she used to leave for the city very early each morning. When the sun rose, the town gates were opened and the drawbridge was lowered. The guards knew Kala-Mai and her son very well, since while Mai was selling fish in the city, she left Toomas together with the guards in the watchtower.

Toomas always had a great time there. He studied the arms of the guards very carefully, but was still too small either to lift a spear or to discharge an arrow from the bow.

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Vana Toomas is an enjoyable place where you can meet your friends

We are open from Sunday to Thursday between 10-18 and on Fridays and Saturdays between 10-22.

Our summer terraces are opened as well!!!

Vana Toomas is an enjoyable place where you can meet your friends or have a meal in the Old Town of Tallinn.


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